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Global Economy Slowed by Trump’s Trade Policies according to International Monetary Fund

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised downward its predictions for global economic growth. President Trump’s trade polices are “central to the IMF’s concerns about global growth”, according to The Hill, concerns which led the IMF to decrease its predictions for worldwide economic growth. The IMF also has other concerns that could contribute to the […]


America’s Debt Dilemma: Explained

There’s no denying the fact that America has a huge debt problem, and even that, is an understatement. It’s a little known fact that the total debt owned by the federal government crossed the $21 trillion mark back in March, 2018.

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Germany and China Sign Massive Trade Deal in Opposition to Trump’s Trade Policies

Increasingly, countries are reacting to President Trump’s outdated protectionist trade policies and unilateral, punative decision-making by going around the United States to make trade deals with other major players in global trade. The latest example of this is an otherwise unlikely alliance between Germany and China, which today signed a set of trade agreements worth […]

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Steel Industry Sues Trump Administration To Block Tariffs, Alleges Trump Has Overstepped His Authority

The steel industry trade group, American Institute for International Steel (AIIS), is suing the Trump administration to block the enforcement of Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs, contending that Trump has overstepped his authority, assuming powers only Congress has. Indeed they are correct to point out that issue. Presidents only have the power to impose tariffs […]

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Harley-Davidson Set To Lose $100 Million A Year Due To Trump’s EU Trade War, Yet Trump Still Lambastes Them

Iconic U.S. company Harley-Davidson has been hit hard by tariffs the European Union is imposing in retaliation for President Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs. Understandably, the E.U. could not just idly accept Trump’s massive tariffs, predicated on reasons of national security because Trump only has the power to impose tariffs for reasons of national security. […]