Congressman Absolutely Shreds Trump With Ridiculing Pictures, Treats Trump Like A Child (IMAGE)

Published on July 11, 2018 by Athena Pallas

A Congressman just absolutely shredded President Trump in a memo and tweet, using “pictures and colors” to simplify things down to Trump’s level. In light of the verbal attacks President Trump has made on our NATO allies, including today at the NATO summit, while oddly fawning over Russian President Vladimir Putin, Representative Led Lieu (D-CA) thought it appropriate to clarify to Trump who our allies are and are not.

Let’s pause for a moment to note that while this memo is not exactly respectful of Trump, Trump himself is horrifically disrespectful, so he may deserve a dose of his own medicine.

In Lieu’s memo, he has pictures of flags of allies Trump has attacked so far today (the NATO alliance and member country Germany), identifying them as allies who did not interfere in the 2016 elections, as opposed to Russia, which is not an ally and did interfere in the 2016 elections. This was Lieu’s tweet of a picture of the memo in which he also wrote, “Dear : In light of your comments about today, here’s a simple one page memo with pictures and colors to remind you who our allies are.”

Oh, wow, “simple one page memo with pictures and colors”, that is a pretty epic burn on President Trump. However, even that is not unwarranted. Trump reportedly has a very short attention span and is easily distracted, so his daily intelligence briefings, which in other administrations were many pages long, for Trump are generally pared down to no more than one page of bullet points. Trump is much more known for his habit of extensive television news watching than for reading. So from that perspective, along with Trump attacking Germany and NATO today, Lieu’s criticisms seem to be quite apt. According to The Hill:

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) on Wednesday made President Trump a one-page memo to “remind” him of U.S. allies after Trump hammered NATO members at the group’s annual summit earlier on Wednesday. “Dear POTUS: In light of your comments about #NATO today, here’s a simple one page memo with pictures and colors to remind you who our allies are,” Lieu said a tweet. Lieu attached a photo of the memo addressed to the president with the subject line, “Allies of the U.S.” to his tweet. The lawmaker placed Germany and “NATO Allies” under the “Allies of the U.S.” category in the memo along with the subtext: “Also, did not attack us during the 2016 elections.” He then placed Russia underneath the “NOT allies of the U.S.” category with the subtext: “Attacked us during the 2016 elections.”

Trump has his own bad behavior to blame for this ridicule, which is coming from many sources, not just from Lieu. Trump’s ugly rhetoric, threats, policies, and attacks on our allies (including his tariffs) have made it so that large-scale protests now follow Trump wherever he goes. There were protests in Brussels, Belgium, in advance of his trip to the NATO summit. Trump will be met with large scale protests everywhere he has planned to go on his U.K. visit, even though he is mostly going to avoid London, where tens of thousands of protesters are expected to march. One wonders how much it will take for Trump to hear what the protesters, and the protests, are saying.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.