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Immigrant Family Separation at the Border: An Overview

Published on August 24, 2018 by Aaron

The Trump Administration has shown zero tolerance for immigrants who crossed the border illegally. Due to the new legislation, the government has separated more than 2700 children from their parents – an act which has sparked public outcry from both Republicans and Democrats.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at how this problem got started, what damage has been done, and if there’s an end to this madness.

Why Is The Government Separating Families?

Before we begin addressing this issue, it’s important to understand that not every family that crosses our borders is subject to this treatment. Only people how don’t have the proper documents and haven’t made the move through legal channels are being detained, prosecuted, separated, and kicked out of the country.

How Do Families Get Separated?

Parents who have crossed the border and have either been caught in the act or have committed some crime on US soil are sent to a federal jail. As children can’t be detained in a federal jail, they’re separated from their parents and placed in a detention center.

This scenario is horrific and nerve-wracking that an illegal immigrant from Honduras committed suicide in federal jail upon separation from his child!

What Made This Horrific Act Possible?

To be clear, this legislation is nothing new as it has been in law for decades. That being said, it’s worth mentioning that the Trump Administration has decided to strictly enforce it, with strong emphasis on family separation at the borders.

With the number of illegal immigrants increasing in the country at exponential rates, the Trump Administration has put its foot down and has begun the mass separation and deportation of families seeking asylum.

What Happens to the Kids Post-Separation?

The legislation dictates that all the children separated from their parents must be sent to an OPR facility within 72 hours of being caught. From then, they’re sent to short-term foster care where they’re detained for days or weeks. During this time OPR workers identify the child’s closest relative who can take the child home while the parents face legal consequences of this decision.

Is There An End In Sight?

Unfortunately, no! While public outcry may have deterred previous governments from taking such extreme measures, the Trump Administration refuses to cater to public opinion. We hope that cooler heads prevail and that there’s an end to this madness!

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