Trump Gets Slammed for Bashing London’s Mayor

Published on June 15, 2019 by Athena Pallas

Showing that he apparently believes inappropriate foreign interference in elections should go both ways, President Trump weighed in today to say that London’s mayor should be replaced as soon as possible. Of course, Trump should not be attempting to influence foreign elections, but that is not the only problem with what Trump said. In complaining about London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Trump retweeted a post holding Khan accountable for violence in London, violence which is far, far less than the gun violence in the United States, gun violence which Trump and his fellow Republicans have failed to address. The post Trump retweeted also contained a racist remark, calling London under Mayor Khan “Khan’s Londonistan“. According to The Hill:

President Trump called for the ouster of London’s mayor Saturday after a series of stabbing attacks in the city over Friday night and Saturday morning left three dead and two others injured. In a tweet, the president retweeted right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins, who wrote that five stabbings over the course of 24 hours were just daily life in “[London Mayor Sadiq] Khan’s Londonistan.” “LONDON needs a new mayor ASAP. Khan is a disaster – will only get worse!” Trump added. …Trump has feuded publicly with Khan for years, and earlier this month referred to the mayor as a “stone-cold loser” just ahead of his first state visit to the United Kingdom and London. …Hopkins, a former contestant on Trump’s reality TV show “The Apprentice,” previously wrote for several British tabloids including the Daily Mail and the Sun, and has been the target of criticism in the past for pushing racist “white genocide” theories about immigration in the U.K. and the U.S.

Responses to Trump’s tweet slammed Trump both for attempting to interfere in foreign elections and for bashing London’s mayor over violence in London, while Trump and his fellow Republicans, heavily lobbied by the NRA, do nothing to address the terrible violence in this country. As this person wrote in response to Trump across two tweets, “Stop interfering in the internal affairs and elections of other countries, especially our foreign allies like the United Kingdom. Using your platform as President of the United States to call for the people of London to elect a new mayor is a complete disgrace. … It’s also extremely hypocritical for Trump to call out issues of public safety in London when we have an epidemic of gun violence in the United States. Trump and the Republicans are in bed with the NRA and so we have absolutely no sensible gun control regulations to protect us.”

Others expressed the belief that the politician that needs replacing is Trump, such as this person, who responded, throwing Trump’s own wording back at him, “America needs a new president ASAP. Trump is a disaster – will only get worse!”

President Trump continues to show that he has no standards for his own behavior, hurling junior high school level insults at public officials both here and abroad; attacking anyone or anything critical of him, including democratic institutions like the press; cozying up to horrific, murderous dictators like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un apparently only because they feed his massive ego with compliments; benefiting financially from his office; saying he’d accept foreign input against his opponents, even though that is both potentially illegal and would leave him beholden to those foreign interests; and not just disregarding, but openly defying, congressional oversight of his administration.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.